Friday, October 28, 2005

Nothing means anything you fucking mugs (except Millwall FC)

The only thing I will regret is not seeing Millwall win the FA Cup.

I have lung cancer.

I have no interest in the internet at all, but spent a few house bound months writing on it. I hate pretty much everything about this world, and so have no problem with leaving it - especially in a way that I choose.

I wish I was a Muslim.

I feel sorry for most people I meet.

I have no regrets for myself, but lots for other people.

If you're reading this, I think you're a cunt.

Signing off.


Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fuck Leeds, Fuck the Police and Fuck the hatred of the working class

Terrorism? let's have a police state then, that'll sort everything out.

I knew that I wasn't the only one that thought northerners were trying to kill us.

I follow a certain football team that has been banned from travelling to the first match of the season because the game is in Leeds.
Why? According to the police because racist elements USED to be associated with my football club, they couldn't take the risk that people would move up there and start trouble in the areas that generated the scum that murdered people we know two weeks ago.
They'd only let us go if the club banned people from travelling on their own and permitted only monitored and secured coaches from London to the ground and back again. Rightfully, the chairman recognised that this was not only ridiculous but totally unworkable and refused so we're banned from attending.
I hate the fact that my football club has a PAST history of racism. This has absolutely nothing to do with the way we are today. I'm as angry as anyone that a bunch of northerners came down here and blew my mate's head off on his way to work one day. BUT WHAT THE FUCK HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH A FOOTBALL MATCH??????

Compare with a certain other London club, with a more open and obvious connection to racism and far right groups. Are CHELSEA goig to be banned from travelling to Man U at the start of next season? No. their season tickets cost £800 and they're owned by a billionaire.....

Who fucking died two weeks ago? Working class people like us that have to get on the tube to a dreary job and graft every day. Who do the government immediately scapegoat and persecute when they have the chance? Whose rights do they immediately restrict? Who do they instantly distrust? Middle class Chelsea supporters that can afoord £800 a year to watch their team?....

If you want to survive terrorism in Britain, work in the City and watch cricket.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Antagonising fascists in other countries over the internet

From time to time, when the fog of my empty and disturbed life thins out enough for me to do something nasty, I like to insult people on their blogs.
I have decided to post links to some particularly disturbing blogs on here from time to time so that you can peruse my insults and their sickeningly purile attempts to publicise their own worthless lives and opinions.

This bloke's a deranged and whining redneck fascist, that's obsessed with Jesus in the typically American semi-psychotic way.

Squirrel heads drink fish wine.

Hi spastic kids.
Today i saw a man with a squirrel's head. He literally looked like he had the head of a squirrel. Literally.
I bet he pretends that he enjoys going down on women because he can't get an erection. No men actually enjoy scoffing the badly packed kebab, but I know from conversation that some pretend to. These men are almost undoubtably impotant
I believe it's easy to spot a man who is impotant. They have rodent like features because the pain and shame of their existence has withered their cheeks, and the fact that they have to muff dive whenever they meet a girl has given them a frenetic, glancing disposition like a rodent hiding nuts.

Men who are impotant should take their own lives as there is nothing for them to continue living for.

Monday, July 18, 2005

I don't know who I am

And neither do you.
But I really really REALLY don't care.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

You twats

Why don't we pretend we're American? Why don't we write blogs that read like American song lyrics we like? Why don't we write some prose that will delight and uplift our audiences?

Fucking twats.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Just a few points I'd like to make.
A lot of exposure is going on in the media today about the London suicide bombers being British Muslims. They seem to be missing a vitally important point.

I once had a converstion with a Geordie in a pub about football. I turned the conversation to the England team in an attempt to create some unity and avoid the potential violent confrontation that was brewing.
He informed me that he wasn't interested in England, because most people "down south" didn't even think Newcastle was part of the same country. A scuffle broke out later in the evening...

My point is, hasn't anyone else questioned why these lads didn't go and bomb Leeds city centre, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool etc etc?
I know London is the capital of the country, but I don't think that's the reason. Northerners don't even believe were part of the same country as they are, and if you have an abstract ideal that's to do with abstractly killing people and going to an abstract place for an abstract paradise, you're not going to go kill people you understand or can relate to....

I'm not saying I hate northerners, or that we should go and attack Leeds or anything of the sort. I'm just putting forward an obvious explanation for events that other people seem to be overlooking.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Don't blame it on the...

Don't blame Muslims. About half the people in my area are Muslims. This has got fuck all to do with British Muslims.
Blame the creators of the violence in the world - our FUCKING GOVERNMENT.

And for christsakes, don't blame it on the sunshine or the boogie.


Did anyone else hear the bangs?
Now blowing up the tube is one thing, but a red bus?
Bring back the Routemasters. No one would try and blow up a bus that was staffed by a singing West Indian conductor.

RIP Benson

RIP my friend Benson who got his head blown off in the tube at Kings Cross yesterday morning.
Gone but not forgotten.

I'm not feeling the love any more.

Cheers to George Bush and Tony Blair for getting my friend killed.